L.BRUAT is a Swiss watch brand established in 2003 by artist Laurent Bruat, born in Neuchatel (Switzerland) in 1949 within a watchmaker’s family.
L.BRUAT’s watches (29, 36, 40 and 44,5mm diameter sizes) are known for their outstanding design; the collection encompasses a wide variety of styles ranging from classic to sports models, making L.BRUAT a watch range ideally suited for all occasions and always fashionable.
L.BRUAT is continuously working on the improvement of their watch designs, resulting in a remarkable collection, differentiated by their design and appreciated for their quality.
L.BRUAT is sold in over 100 quality jewellers and retail stores across Europe.

The logo

L.BRUAT's logo, Mooncrown, is the original stamp used by his grandfather, Leon Bruat, for stamping the watch boxes he manufactured. The original logo, Leon created, is based on the idea of the two Roman Empires: the moon represents the Eastern Empire while the crown represents the Western Empire.

The story

In 1933, my father, only a child, inherited a precious box from my grandfather. Inside was an assortment of antique clock components. My father kept the box throughout his entire life, unaware of the importance of its contents, however, some years ago I inherited it myself… Once I opened it, I was drawn to one of the mechanisms; that of an unknown watch, a prototype of a brilliant idea my grandfather, both a watchmaker and great musician, didn't get the chance to complete. It was a Chronométronome, as named by my grandfather; a joining of a watch and a metronome. His extraordinary love of music and his passion for watchmaking led him to create a magnificent watch which was never manufactured.

I truly believe we still have the opportunity to bring his great idea to fruition.