Crazy Hands

L.BRUAT is a Swiss watch brand established in 2003 by artist Laurent Bruat, born in Neuchâtel (Switzerland) in 1949 from a family of watchmakers. He later moved to Barcelona (Spain) were he became a distributor of world famous swiss writing instruments brand „Caran d’Ache“. In his spare time, Laurent Bruat painted pictures featured in various art galleries.

Fascinated by Antoni Gaudi’s modernism, catalan art nouveau, it inspired him to create exclusive writing intruments like « Modernista » or « Gotica » for Caran d’Ache ». In 2001, a unique edition of the ‘La Modernista’ pen adorned with 5‘072 diamonds that weight twenty carats and 96 rubies of 32 carats, was sold in London for 265,000 USD. This lead to its mention in the‘Guiness Book of World Records’ for being the world most expensive pen.

In 2012, he had the idea of giving watch hands a different shape: the Crazy Hands project was born. He spent three years both patenting worlwide his idea and solving technical issues of such an unconventional shape. In 2015 L. BRUAT is launching the first models in various colors with many more to come. Stay tuned!